Your Birth Experience with Doula Lydia

As your birth doula I WILL:
As your birth doula I WILL NOT:
  • Meet you for a consult after an initial email or phone conversation.

  • Provide text/online/phone support as needed

  • One pre-natal visit before the birth to discuss birth plans, concerns, and ways I can help you prepare for your birth with confidence.

  • Work together with your birth support people

  • Help create a positive atmosphere wherever you choose to birth

  • Help you and your birth team physically, emotionally, and educationally throughout labour and birth

  • Stay around post birth for at least an hour until you are settled and comfortable. 

  • Perform medical procedures like examinations or monitoring heart rate or blood pressure

  • Make decisions for you

  • Take the place of your midwife or doctor

  • Speak to Doctors or Midwives on your behalf
    (We will prepare for you and your birth partner to have more confidence in advocating for yourselves.)

The Complete Birth Experience
Because your birth experience begins
in pregnancy and continues after birth, 
my services include both prenatal and postnatal 
appointments so you can both prepare and reflect.
  • One Consult meeting to meet and sign contract. 

  • One Prenatal Visit to prepare for the birth you want

  • Phone, email, and text support as needed from time of contract

  • Scheduled on call birth support from week 36 provided final payment has been made.

  • Labour and Birth support at home and/or hospital as needed. 

  • Postpartum help for the first hour until you are settled with baby.

  • Optional in home 1 hour postpartum visit within ten days of the birth. 

The cost: $500

$250 deposit upon contract signing
$250 paid in full by week 36 
to secure my on-call services.

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