Birth your way with confidence!
I'm here to support you in your birth experience. 
Every woman has different ideals and plans for how
she wants her birth to go, and I am here to help you work toward those goals. I'll provide not only educational resources and information, but also physical and emotional support during
pregnancy, labour, and postpartum. 
    I am here to support you in YOUR choices.
    I will do everything I can to help you birth with confidence.
    I encourage and support your birth partners so they can best help you.
A little about me-
Hello! I'm American-born, but fully Kiwi at heart after seventeen wonderful years living here in our beautiful country of New Zealand. I have personally experienced both home and hospital births, dealt with many interventions and situations, and learned from several amazing midwives. 

I have passionately studied birth for many years and now I'm loving the opportunity to support Timaru area women like you as you prepare for the birth of your precious child. I look forward to inspiring you to be confident as you look toward your birth!

 I look forward to hearing how I can help you!

So what does a doula do exactly?